How To Study When Unmotivated

I’m currently in upper secondary school and some days I have a whole lot of studying to do. Unfortunately I sometimes feel very unmotivated to actually study. If you’ve ever felt unmotivated to study (it’s okay, we all have) you also know that it feels like the hardest toughest and most unappealing thing in the world to finish all of the assignments in front of you. Therefore, I tried to find a few strategies to survive a studying session even when ones motivation is nowhere to be seen. Read and enjoy, I hope it helps! 

1. Write a list of what you need to do. This gives you a good overview of what needs to be done. When you have a lot of things whirling around in your head even the smallest of them seem like mountains when it’s really just grit. Making lists will help you avoid this.

2. Divide everything into smaller steps. Grit can too seem like a lot. I like to be really specific about what I need to do. For example, instead of just writing “read page 34-46”, I write “read page 34-36,  37-39, 40-42” and so on. I find that it feels more moderate that way.

3. Make a schedule. Put these small steps into a schedule. I usually put smaller breaks in the schedule as well. By doing that you will motivate yourself to complete the steps before the break since taking that break is all you really want.

4. Reward yourself. Decide to take a piece of chocolate or something else you find tasty after a certain amount of work. I usually reward myself after solving a math problem, reading a page or learning a word. 

5. Just start. The hardest but most important thing to do. Because if you never start, you’ll never finish.  Sometimes all you need is to sit down at the table and open a book. 

Good luck everyone!


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