I am now going to tell you a story. It’s an important one when it comes to my personal growth as well as health and therefore I feel obligated to share it. Because what I end up doing in the end of this story is something I think every single person on this planet should do too.

It was a day in late April. As the amount of sun-hours grew, so did the number of people talking about bikini bodies. My superficial insecurities thrived from all of the perfectly toned stomachs and unbelievebly lifted butts I saw more and more often on Instagram. One day I realised that I was feeling happy about being hungry. My brain had compromised it all to that the way of achieving what I wanted, or what society told me I wanted, was to not eat (I’m not too comfortable talking about my relationship with food yet but I think you get the gesture).

The same day I was lying on my couch, scrolling through Instagram. About half of the pictures made me think about the realisation I’d just had. I was suffocating from hearing all the different voices in my head. “I need to start working out”, “I need to stop eating so much”, “You do not need to do shit, now finish your cookie”. The last thought won that battle. I did not fall for the pressure of achieving the unachievable. Instead, in panic and frustration, I went through all of the people I was following on Instagram and unfollowed every single account which made me feel bad about myself. I believe that was around 120 accounts.

Doing that was one of the best things I’ve EVER done. I felt so empowered and proud from being able to cut the cords to so many different sources of illness. Because I didn’t just unfollow people who made me feel bad about my body, but also people from my past who had treated me badly and made me feel bad all over again just by being in my feed. To somehow turn these words into a clear message, I really encourage you to do what I did: clear out sources of illness from your social media, especially Instagram. It’s such a small thing to do but it changes sooo much. And while you’re at it, you can start following some nice and positive acounts such as @selfloveclub, @bodypositivememes, @omgkenzieee and @bodyposipanda.

Stay original, stay strong and take good care of yourself gorgeous. xoxo


3 thoughts on “What EVERYBODY Should Do ASAP

  1. Riktigt starkt gjort av dig! Det är inte alla som klarar av att ta tag i sina problem utan hjälp. Du är riktigt underbar och jag älskar dig otroligt mycket!❤❤


    1. Ett litet steg på en lång resa. Älskar dig otroligt mycket jag med och orkar inte riktigt med det faktum att du ska åka iväg. Förvänta dig tårar på onsdag säger jag bara ❤


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