To Try and Try Again

Failure is a scary thing. The fear of not succeeding keeps many from doing what they really want to do. Especially when it comes to trying something new or doing something which is not totally accepted by ones community. The hankering to prove those people, those who don’t accept your ideas, wrong is not bigger than the fear of failing and having to hear people think “Who did you think you were to think you could do something like that?”.

This post is going to be all about that. Success, failure and the importance of trying and trying again. Being scared of failing eliminates the oppurtunity to both personal and global development. It also deprives you of your freedom. Being locked up is not necessarily a physical state, the restrictions you put on your passions and true wishes are just as prohibiting.

In Sweden we have a concept called “Jantelagen”. It’s basically a norm which claims that no one can stand out or think they are capable of something someone else isn’t. In smaller places, such as where I live, this norm is taken seriously. If you get the choice to go big or go home, you’re expected to go home. In a reality like that it’s hard to not be afraid of failing when doing something which breaks “Jantelagen”.

I’ve struggled to truly be myself. To do what I want to do, to over-win my fear of failing. I have not yet crossed the finish line, but I have reached a point where I’m not afraid to dream. I’m not afraid to have visions, set goals or think further than my community might want me to. But most importantly: I’m not afraid to get up when I fall. I’m not afraid to try again after one failed attempt. Or four for that matter.

Furthermore I’m having a hard time grasping how you’re supposed to reach success without failing. As I’ve written in one of my songs (yes, I write songs): when you succeed, you succeed, when you bleed, you learn. Every fail comes with a lesson. Don’t let that new knowledge be wasted! Give it another shot and put it to good use! If you once beat the fear of failing and get started with whatever you want to do, the next step is to not give up in case you actually fail. Because you probably will, the first time. But failure is not the end. It’s the start of a new beginning.

Stay original gorgeous, I believe in you. xoxo


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