To Dare to Open Up

After my post What Everybody Should Do ASAP I recieved many kind words from my friends. They told me that it was such a beautifully written post and that I was very strong to open up and share my thoughts and feelings about this – somewhat sensitive – subject.

For me it was a natural thing to do. The subject I wrote about was something I was struggling with, so when I found a solution that actually made me feel better I didn’t see any reason not to inform others of it and it’s benefits. I was just happy to maybe help someone.

But obviously it’s not that natural for everyone. I think the reason why I find it easy to open up about different issues I might have is that I’ve stopped fleeing from them. By really embracing them and accepting that they’re a part of me and my life I subconsciously work them through. Without even realising it, I’m sorting things out. I’m making connections and drawing conclusions about why I’m experiencing what I’m experiencing, why I’m feeling what I’m feeling, and eventually find the hidden source of it all.

When I’ve done that I’ve made peace with the problem. I don’t find it as bothering anymore, even if it of course still makes certain situations in my life much harder than they should be. But if someone in that situation asks me what’s wrong I can without doubt tell them. Not the whole story, but enough to make them understand.

Then I can see why sharing it on the world wide web can seem a bit more terrifying (even on a small site like mine). What makes me want and dare to share my worked through information here is that I would’ve wanted someone to provide me that information while I was struggling with the problem. So when I write posts about sensitive subjects, it’s simply because I hope it will keep someone else from feeling like they’re going through the same thing on their own.

I’m not sure if all of this makes sense, but to somewhat sum things up I think it’s important to embrace ones problems and make peace with them. Not only will that make it easier to handle situations where a problem shows it’s true colours, but it will also make it easier to talk about it. With one self, a friend, a teacher, a parent, a computer… You name it.

I hope you found this post inspiring. Stay original, xoxo



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