My Top 5 Beauty Products of October 2017

Good morning, and happy halloween to you all! For starters I just want to excuse my abscense by saying that I have had a lot in school lately and have not had the time nor the energy to plan, photograph and write posts. I decided to put Originally My aside until the fall break (which officially started yesterday) when I could put some love into it rather than scrabbling something together just for the sake of it. With that said, I now present my top five beauty products of this month!

1. Makeup Revolution Ultra Base Corrector Palette

For me, the weeks before fall break are usually not exactly filled with sleep. The lack of that combined with school-related stress and few sun hours results in a very tired self, which tends to leave dark shadows under my eyes and a lot of outbreaks on my skin. To pretend the last mentioned are not true, this palette has been my knight in shining armor. I use the reddest one under my eyes and the green one on red spots before I apply concealer and foundation and suddenly you can not tell if I have pulled an all-nighter or just returned from a spa weekend.

2. Estelle & Thild Biomineral Healthy Glow Foundation

This foundation is the best one I have tried so far in my life. It blends nicely, calms the skin, covers my redness but not my freckles and even if you do not set it with powder it is not sticky what so ever. If you are looking for a full-coverage foundation this is not for you, but if you are more for the lightweight, natural, “no makeup”-makeup look I would definitely recommend this!

3. Sleek Blush in Suede

This blush is my favourite when creating a soft, kind of burnt, makeup look. It really adds dimension to the face and looks especially nice if you have naturally warmer colours. The texture is really smooth, both in the packaging and on the cheek, and easy to blend. Even if it only costs around 5£ it is just as good as many of the more expensive blushes I have tried.

4. L’oréal Paris Blush in 140 Old Rose

Another blush that I actually bought very recently and has fallen in love with is this one. I find that all L’oréal blushes are of very high quality, again considering the relatively low price, and this was not one to disappoint. The colour is the kind that reminds me of the natural rosy tint one gets when being out in the cold. It makes my skin look healthy and fresh, which makes this another product to help me disguise my bad sleep habits…

5. L’oréal Paris Color Riche Matte in 640 Erotique

Last but not least is another recent addition to my collection and the only product in this post that is not meant for the face (although, I suspect this could work nicely as a cream blush). For years I have loved to paint my lips in bold colours to complement my outfits, whilst the whole nude lip trend has kind of passed by me. I realised this when I laid my eyes on this shade which made me understand the beauty of neutrals… Okay, it was not quite that dramatic, but I could not resist buying it and now I am obsessed with it.

I hope to see you back here soon, your visits mean more than you know. Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo



My Top 8 Beauty Products September 2017

MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Plum Foolery

If you are looking for a sheer but buildable, darker blush with a golden shimmer to it that lasts forever (exaggerating, but no that much), you can stop now. This blush is the first and only one I have bought from MAC and I must say it’s one of my favourite blushes ever. Not only is it of high quality but the shade itself is unlike any other I have ever seen. Nowadays it truly is a staple in my collection, especially during the current season.

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil in Zero

Lately I have not been much for eyeliner. Since seventh grade the cateye has been my everyday go-to, but that is not the case at the moment. Instead I like smoking out this bad boy along the outer part of my lashline. I find that this defines the eyes more intensely and blends in better with eyeshadow, if one is wearing such, than eyeliner does. It’s also quicker which is always a bonus.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Inspired by the leaves, probably, warmer colours are a given for me when autumn comes. This palette contains the perfect eyeshadow shades for anything from a subtle warmth in the crease to an all in burnt look. The shadows are blendable, vivid and long-lasting. Urban Decay sure knows their makeup.

IsaDora Eyeshadow Quartet in 96 Coffee & Poetry

Another bunch of eyeshadows that have been spending a lot of time on my lids lately are the ones in this quartet. They are, like the Naked Heat ones, the perfect shades for fall and the brand is to be trusted to offer high quality makeup. The tones are colder than the previously mentioned ones though, leaning more towards grape and plum, but it’s nice to be able to vary.

Deborah Milano Red Laque in 3 Lady Be

This glossy lip laque is the ultimate cherry on top, taking your lips to a new dimension. The shade is a dark nude with warm rosy undertones which really brings out my best features. Furthermore the formula feels comfortable on the lips and keeps them moisturized in the cold.

Model Co Shimmer Bronzing Powder

It feels weird to say that I, as a huge makeup enthusiast, have discovered the power of bronzer first at the age of seventeen… I have quite pale skin and I am perfectly happy with that. But what I didn’t realise was that using bronzer to frame your face could give a much more dynamic expression to it. This bronzer in particular is incredibly subtle which makes it almost impossible to make the result look unnatural.

Sleek Highlighting Palette in Cleopatra’s Kiss

Using this palette, you get a lot of glow considering the price is so low. (Extra credit for rhymes? No? Okay…). I own two of these palettes and I swear by them. Many times I am not satisfied with the colours available, wanting a more neutral one, but following the theme of this post I must say that the shades of the Cleopatra’s Kiss palette goes well with many of my fall looks. On my right finger I have swatched Sphinx and on my left I have swatched the same one on top of Dynasty. A picture says more than a thousand words, that’s all I have left to say.

BellaPierre Lipstick in Cherry Pop

This is a lipstick that I always go back to as soon as fall comes to town. It’s a dark wine shade that is surprisingly universal considering how vampy it actually us. The only con is that it often gathers in chaps on the lips, but it is manageable.

Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo

Must Have Nail Polishes for Summer + the Drugstore Lipsticks to Match Them!

Pepperminty + Fire & Ice

A soft, minty turqoise never goes wrong with a bold, rich, red-ish cerise. The contrast between the two melts perfectly together into that sweet but chic flirty look.

  • Ciaté Nail Polish in Pepperminty
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 720 Fire & Ice

Banana Pop + In Love With Ginger

When you got that sun kissed glow you need a hot colour combination to match it. A warm banana yellow paired with a bright orange will do the trick any day!

  • L’oréal Paris Color Riche Nail Polish in 834 Banana Pop
  • Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 660 In Love With Ginger

I Love Juicy + Fireball

Go monochrome and match with the exact same shade on both your nails and lips. With this vivid coral shade you’ll turn into summer yourself! Well, at least almost…

  • Leighton Denny Nail Polish in I Love Juicy 
  • NYX Butter Lipstick in Fireball


Stay original (but feel free to rip off these combos), gorgeous! xoxo

5 Steps to a Fresh Glowy Summer Base

During the summer I like to keep my makeup light. This especially when it comes to my base. Today I thought I would give you my not so secret recipe to the perfect base for summer including some of my favourite products for this season. It’s fresh, light and gives you that natural summer glow in less than five minutes. You’re welcome!


1. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream

Trade the foundation for a BB or CC cream to even out the skin tone without it feeling like you’re wearing more than a moisturizer. The Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream has been my go to for years. It’s cheap, has SPF 15 and covers my redness but not my freckles (entirely, but trust me, it’s a rare combination). Complement with concealer and powder if needed.

2. Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Use the Hoola bronzer to bronze up your face and softly define your cheek bones. You could trade this for a bronzer with shimmer in it to take the glow even further, but I find that a matte bronzer keeps the look on the more natural side which was what I was going for in this look.

3. Soap & Glory Peach Party Blush Brick

This blush brick givs your cheeks a subtle peach shade with the most beautiful glow to it. I’m using this all year around but in the summer time it’s just something special about how it looks on the skin. Maybe it’s the tan, maybe it’s the light, I don’t know. But I love it either way and if you haven’t tried it yet, I definitely think you should.

4. Laura Mercier Peach Mosaic Shimmer Bloc

I know it’s expensive and I’m sure there is a cheaper dupe for this product, but this is my holy grail. Depending on which shades you use and how much you put on your brush you can achieve everything from a natural glow to a glow that can be seen from space. And no matter how you use this product, it will never look bad. For this look I gently swept the lightest shade and the shade on the middle left on my cheekbones, nose, forehead and chin.

5. The Body Shop Vitamin C Energising Face Spritz

This face spritz instantly makes me feel a bit more confident and ready to deal with anything that comes my way. It might not make a mayor impact on your makeup, but you and your skin will feel more refreshed and energised than ever after a few spritzes of this. I think it’s important to remember that looking good isn’t just about how you actually look. It’s more about how you feel. If you feel good and confident people will tell by your aura and charisma and automatically find you more attractive. Not that it matters what others think, but feeling good does.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it somewhat inspiring. Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo