Classy Emerald Outfit

To start off this post I just want to apologize for my absence during these last two weeks. I made a schedule for when to write and publish all of my posts for these weeks but out of nowhere I got really sick and could barely leave my bed. I’ve been back on my feet now for a while but haven’t found my way back to the rythm, if that makes sense. Anyway. I am now and have a beautiful outfit to show you. It’s a bit classier than my usual look but still right up my alley. I’m working on wearing what feels 100% me even when I’m out and about and this was definitely a step in the right direction.

There are a few details worth noticing woth this look. I feel like I’ve written this a few too many times to write it again but, hey, it’s my website ;). The colours are kept to a minimum. Black, green and a tiny bit of gold. This makes the outfit look thought through and well put together. You can of course totally go crazy with the colours and still achieve a well put together look, but I like it better this way.

So, as you can see the green in the skirt is also seen in the earrings, the gold that was brought with the earrings can also be spotted on the bag, and the rest is black. Note that the leather, which can disturb an otherwise balanced outfit, in the shoes is brought in with the bag as well. I feel like I’m mostly rambling or repeating what I’m writing at this point, so I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves from now and get back to you when I’m not tired…

Skirt from BikBok, body from H&M, shoes from Primark, earrings from Glitter, bag from Kate Spade and glasses from GinaTricot. 

Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo

PS. The skirt is much greener in reality but appears teal when in contrast to the bushes in the background. Just a FYI. DS.

Abstract & Sleek Outfit with Red Touches

Those garments that are basic but independent, meaning they can look great on their own without having to get lifted by other pieces, are essential in my closet (read: life). This outfit for example is buildt on two of this kind. We got a black top and a striped skirt. Sounds quite boring, doesn’t it? But thanks to the playful cuts of them both it makes a nice look.

Though I could have matched it with white or black shoes and accessories, I decided to add some colour. To not disturb the sleekness and sophistication running through the outfit I chose this colour to be red, since red is a safe card when it comes to keep what I was going for.

There’s one thing I really like to do when composing outfits. To tie the colour of my shoes to two other points in my outfit: the highest one and one in the middle. The highest one can be a hat, lipstick (as in this case), necklace etcetera and the middle one can be a handbag, nail polish (as in this case) or a belt. I feel like this really ties the look together and makes it look thought through.

Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo

Top from Lindex, tube from GinaTricot, skirt & shoes from Primark, nail polish is ‘Pinotage Red’ from Apolosophy and lipstick is ‘Classic Red’ All Day Color Lip Lacquer.

A few PS’s: the lightning was a hell to photograph in so excuse me for the exposure, my dog Tyra is covering my feet in a number of photos but she wouldn’t go away and the bruises on my thighs are from carrying things at work so don’t worry about that. DS.

FLOWER POWER: Orange Jumpsuit With Attitude

My love for floral prints is not a big secret, but it’s probably not too obvious either. Dressing all cute and girly is not really my cup of tea and unfortunately most floral printed garments requires some thinking when it comes to avoiding just that. Therefore, I don’t go floral too often. But when I was in Madrid a few months ago I found (and fell in love with) the perfect floral jumpsuit. The cut together with the bright orange color gives it a sporty twist which I really like in combination with some good old flower power.

When putting this outfit together I followed the concept of “less is more”. There are only two colours involved and no accessories what so ever. The shoes follows the sporty twist and lifts out the white partern without stealing to much focus from the playsuit. They don’t bring anything new. Sometimes keeping it simple is a greater art than fitting in more colours, prints and pieces than the outfit can carry.

To really go all in on the bichrome theme I decided to try a white eyeliner. I’m not quite sure about how I feel about it yet, but a part of me definitely digs it. Something tells me that I will like it more overtime. Anyhow, I really do think that little detail takes the look to a whole new level. (The same goes for my orange pedicure, which can be seen in the pictures above if you look really closely).

So that’s that! Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo

Playsuit from Lefties, shoes from and liner is “Bump” from Urban Decay. 

Outfit w/ Silver Boots

Yesterday I finally got a chance to wear my new disco balls (aka metallic silver ankle boots) when I was out and about. Since the weather was a delight, I also wore a leather jacket and sunglasses for the very first time this year! It was so nice to not have to be wrapped up in hundreds of layers of knitting and just enjoy the sunbeam on my skin. 

I’ve linked the pieces which are still available below, but the jacket for example is a few years old and can not be found in stores today. 
I’m wearing: Shoes & jacket from H&M, top & sunglasses from GinaTricot, pants from BikBok, lipstick from Barry M (Rouge Velvet Lip Cream in Olé Flamingo!)

An Everyday Dress

I’m actually quite a dress lover and own more than a few gorgeous pieces of fabric, but I can’t seem to wear enough of them. When doing so I easily feel over dressed, even if a more “casual” outfit technically takes more time and energy to compose. 

This dress in particular is very easy to wear though. The colour and cuts makes it perfect for any day, like yesterday for example. I woke up, had no energy nor inspiration (I mean, it was like 5:45 in the morning?) and it just hung there in the wardrobe like a mirage. The dress is from GinaTricot, a Scandinavian fashion chain (you can find their website here), where I bought it earlier this fall. I wear it to school now and then but would really like to wear it more often, as with my other dresses… Well, one can’t be born into everything, some things has to be thought. Are you wearing dresses often? 

Romantic Outfit in Earthy Tones

This outfit I wore two days ago when I went christmas gift shopping with my best friend Linnéa (also my photographer for the day 😉 Check out her Instagram @linneajinnemark). The snow recently melted away and even if that makes me cry a little inside I took the opportunity to wear lighter clothes. The colour range is a bit unfamiliar to me but I think everything went nicely together. Usually I can go on for ages about my thoughts behind and reflections about my looks but I actually don’t have anything else to say about this one… So, happy Monday everybody! Have a nice week!

Skirt from Forever 21, body and shoes from H&M, necklace from Glitter, bag is a Michael Kors from Prague (probably not real), jacket from Reversed. 

To Take An Outfit To The Next Level

Very often when I’m standing in front of my closet I tend to choose pretty basic colours. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s easy and always turns out stylish. But since it can get a little dull I like to spice these outfits up using my makeup, sometimes with eyeshadow but most often with a bright, bold lip. I recall writing this in my last post and I do apologise for being repetitive but it’s just such an easy and fun way to add a little twist to your outfit!

Aside from the red lip, I’ve also mixed a lot of different materials to make something happen in this particular outfit. I have leather (both shiny and none-shiny ;)), wool, som kind of sheer blouse material (?) and jean. In addition my patterned scarf obviously makes it all a whole lot more interesting… My point is however that it’s not necessarily hard to take an outfit to the next level. It’s all in the details. Sometimes, a tiny bracelet is enough to get that on fleek look. Don’t you think? 🙂

Top – GinaTricot /// Jeans – Cubus /// Boots – Belle Shoes /// Scarf – Glitter /// Hat & bag – Åhléns /// Lipstick – Ruby Tuesday by Max Factor 




My Fall/Winter Go-To

Some days are simply not ment for creativity. At least not when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit. I find that these days occur more often during fall and winter. Luckily, I have found the perfect formula of garments for these days:

Knitted Sweater + Leather Pants + Bold Lip

Mark my words: This combination can not go wrong. It’s the perfect mix of casual and chic which can’t end in anything but a fashionable outfit! It’s like made for dull and lazy mornings! Take a look for yourself. This outfit took me about three minutes to compose and only consists of three vital components: A knitted sweater, a pair of leather pants and a bold lip. Easy peasy!

Sweater – Primark ◊ Pants – Dr. Denim ◊ Lipstick – Cherrypop by Bella-Pierre. img_1635img_1653img_1637