The Materials to Lift Any Party Look This Season

I am not usually one to follow trends, but with trends like these it is hard not to. Voloptious velvet, sparkling sequins, striking shine, timeless tassels, plush pleat and fabulous fur are all materials that can not go wrong on the eventful nights of the last months of 2017. Have you not found the perfect pieces for your party look yet? Then you are in luck. In this post I will share (and link) some of my favourite wears in the materials that own the nights this season.


Joining us from last year is Miss Velvet herself. Whether it is crushed or smooth, the material will speak for itself so that you can devote your voice to singing instead. To enhance the luxuriousity of it you should go for dark, gemstone-inspired colours such as emerald, saphire and ruby. And let’s not forget that black rarely goes wrong.

Body / Blazer dress / Saphire dress / Ruby dress


Outshine the stars by wearing sequins from head to toe or just have them peek out from underneath a blazer. In both ways you will look as lush as ever. Combine with garments in mesh for a more balanced look or add some additional shine to take it one step further. The choice is yours.

Pants / Jumpsuit / Dress / Bra


If you think sequins are a bit much but still want to shine bright like a diamond, these metallic pieces are here to save the day. The shades are inspired by natural elements and will rock things up (geology joke) in the most elegant way. Mix the colours for a bold look.

Earrings / Skirt / Shoes


Representing the 1920’s are the fringes and tassels. This trend has especially been seen on earrings during the fall but is slowly making its way onto other garments as well. Wearing a fringed top, bottom or onepiece will, other than your look, certainly make your dance moves a whole lot more interesting.

Skirt / Earrings / Jumpsuit / Tanktop


If you want to keep things simple but still wish to add a little twist I would recommend you to look for pleated (also called plissé) pieces. They have that festive aura around them, especially if they are made of velvet or satin, but are rarely of an extravagant model or pattern.

Pants / Top / Skirt

Fur (all faux)

We are all familiar with the fur jacket by now, since it has been seen in every corner for the past two years, but in times like these they are almost a necessity to complete your party look. If you want to go for something a bit different though, you could try a fuzzy top or furry bag such as the ones below.

Bag / Black & white jacket / Top / Emerald jacket

That was it for today, I hope you found something of interest. Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo

PS. Do you need help with the party makeup? Check this post out! DS.


The Perfect Ankle Boots for Fall

Fall is, without doubt, my favourite season. Especially the early fall when the leaves turn red, the sun is warming and the air is fresh, all filled with new possibilities. And let’s not forget what’s amazing throughout the whole season: the fashion. Without really thinking about it, it has become a ritual of mine to add quite a lot of pieces to my wardrobe when summer turns into autumn. I guess it started when I was a kid and had to buy new clothes every fall because I had grown out of my old ones… Back then it was really my mother’s doing, but nowadays I’m happy to do it by myself! (Even though my mother is often out shopping with me…).

This year I started a little early with the shopping when I found the most perfect ankle boots. That kind of shoe is basically what I live in from September to March and is therefore one of the most vital pieces in my closet. Unfortunately my old pair had to be thrown out due to overuse. But when one door closes another opens, right? In addition I was kind of over them anyway, but I hadn’t found a new pair until I found these.

According to me, this is the most perfect ankle boot to ever be designed. The heel is the perfect height in proportion to the rest of the shoe, it’s in a soft material that blends in easily to every outfit whilst still contributing with a bit of attitude and the small details just makes them absolutely stunning. The only thing that might upset many is the fact that they’re not faux. Trust me, I’m a huge animal lover too, and that’s why I want to explain why I’m not feeling worse about buying these shoes than I do. 

They’re made out of a cows skin. I eat cows now and then and a couple of cows has most certainly died just to end up on my plate. Though overconsumption of meat is a real problem in today’s world I find it natural for human beings to feed on other animals. We are preditors, even if many of us chooses not to be. But what I would hate is for other parts than the meat of, in this case, the cows would go to waste. Clothing made out of animals we do not eat is not ethically right in my eyes, but this is. We all view things differently and this is my view. Feel free to question it, I’m sure there are perspectives I’ve not yet taken into account which will make me question it too. 

Anyway. If you want to get you a pair of these beautiful creations I will link them here. They’re from the brand Kiomi and cost 749 SEK (around 70£, 78€, 92$). 

Stay original, gorgeous! xoxo

The Jackets To Wear This Spring

The spring is upon us and so is the time to put the wool coats back in the closet for a few months. Meanwhile we can bring the lighter ones out again, or perhaps buy a new one or two? Below I’ve listed some of the biggest trends this season. We see street style and sporty vibes in a perfect balance with flowers and the classic spring pastels. What more can you wish for? I hope you like this post and don’t forget to stay original, gorgeous!

1. The flower-printed bomber jacket. 

Here /// Here /// Here

2. The leopard-printed jacket.

Here /// Here

3. The jean jacket.

Here /// Here /// Here

4. The biker jacket.

Here /// Here /// Here

5. Anything pastel

Here /// Here /// Here

Shopping Spree February pt. 1

After a meltdown in front of my closet (there were both tears and screams) I realised I was in need of some new clothes. So, I dragged my mother with me to Gothenburg for a shopping spree and  let’s just say it got a bit expensive… But it was totally worth it! 

With that said I thought I would show you what I got. I haven’t taken pictures of any of the clothes yet, therefore I will only show the accessories in this post. Ready? Let’s get into it! 

Bag, Mango, 299 SEK (I’m in love with this colour combination, so gorgeous!)

Earrings, Mango, 99 SEK

Sunglasses, GinaTricot, 79:90 SEK

Rings, H&M, 79:90 SEK

Shoes, H&M, 399 SEK (THESE ARE MY LIFE. Silver is really trendy right now)

Note: One Swedish krona (SEK) is about 0,11 dollars/0,10 euro/0,09 pounds.

3 Red Outfits I Want To Wear This Christmas

Dress from H&M

Oh, how much I love christmas. My path to school is finally decorated, the stores have switched to their holiday displays and saffron buns as well as ginger bread are sold in every café. Do I need to clarify that my holiday spirit is on top? I’m actually going christmas gift shopping with a friend today too! Aaaah, exciting! (If clarification was needed, my holiday spirit is on top).

At this time of the year I just want to blend in and become one with the decorations and displays. What better way to do that than to dress red? Sadly I don’t own a lot of christmas-red garments though… But I couldn’t resist to at least spend a few hours at Polyvore composing dreamy outfits for this wonderful time of the year. I mean, just look at the Dorothy Perkins coat in outfit number two and the boots in number three. DREAMY.

Red Outfits (1)


Red Outfits (2)


Red Outfits (3)