5 Garments to Keep You Warm, Cozy & In Style

The sun-hours are getting fewer, the weather is getting colder and the urge to stay in bed watching movies all day is getting stronger. Even if this is a splendid idea somedays, your home needs to be left others. On these days I know how tempting the thought of wearing pyjamas is. For that reason, I am going to show you an outfit composed of garments that will make you think you actually are wearing pyjamas whilst looking as in style as ever.

1. The knit

This time of the year is probably the main reason garments are even knitted in the first place. They give you warmth, feel soft against your skin and a shame to not wear during this season, in both matters of comfort and fashion.

2. The loose skirt

Do not trap your legs in those tight pants, go for a skirt instead. Many find this tiresome to do so since many skirts need to be checked on every five minutes to make sure you are not flashing anything but that is exactly why I recommende a loose kind. Whilst keeping you unrestrained it will also make you look on fleek without giving anyone a peak.

3. The pair of stockings

Not only will they help keep you warm, but also show that you are aware of your layering techniques, which I do not need to say is the best way to dress in the fall. I am wearing a pair with a lace detail (which is not clear in these photos, but I promise that it is there) to make it all more interesting.

4. Something of faux leather

If you have never worn faux leather you do not know that most items actually have a layer of felt on the inside. Imagine that on a cold, rainy day, the softness warming up your skin… The leather itself will also keep you dry.

5. Details of choice

As with any other outfit, the key to it often lies in the details. For this one I have chosen to add hints of lace on three points. The rim of the stockings, the bralette (which also is extremely comfortable) peaking out along the neckline of the sweater and the choker, not actually being made of lace but looks very similar to it.

Stay warm, cozy and in style, but most importantly: stay original, gorgeous. xoxo

Sweater, stockings & choker from H&M, shoes from Belle Shoes, skirt from BikBok, bralette from Cubus. 


How to Achieve an Interesting Wholesome Head-Turning Look in 6 steps

You know when you walk past someone dressed out of this world on the street, and you can not help but to rest your eyes at this person for a while; admiring the craftmanship behind its outfit, nodding slightly in approval of the perfectly balanced components, continuing to find new details that makes it more and more complete until the person has past by? When getting dressed, my goal is often to become that person and I believe I manage to achieve these types of looks quite often nowadays. For this post, I have broken down my strategy for doing so into six steps that will help you do the same.

1. Find the theme

The first thing you will want to do is find the theme of your outfit to make sure it comes together in the end. You do not have to be able to explain your theme in words, but rather just get a sense for which colours and textures will fit into it. When you have done that you can start working with contrasts by adding complementary colours or different textures. Just remember to add contrast for the purpose of enhancing your theme, and not changing it.

2017-10-31 12.05.42 2.jpg

2. Have many components

When restricting yourself to a theme you are also allowing yourself to add many different components. As long as they follow the theme, having a lot going on will only create dimensions and make your outfit more interesting. By adding small details here and there the observer will constantly find new parts to look at. In my opinion, this is probably the most important step to creating that “wow”-effect.

3. Everything needs a connection

Even if the previous step is the most important one according to me, it would be useless without this one. For every new piece you add you have to make sure it connects to something else in the outfit and if it does not, you will simply have to add another piece to solve the problem. If there is a loose thread hanging from that piece as well, you will just have to add another piece until the circle is complete. The only conceptions are if a contrast piece is added conciously or if the garment serves the purpose of a neutraliser.

4. Add something odd

Adding something that is not typically seen as stylish or that many find hard to pull off will make you appear as a true expert. In this outfit, for example, I chose to add a pair of glasses. Many with prescripted glasses do not like them and feels dressed down in them, me included. So by adding a pair, fitting them into the theme and connecting them to the outfit, it will make you seem aware of what you are doing and draw more attention to you.

5. Include you

Something that I think is often foreseen regarding outfit-composing is that it is not only about clothes and accessories. It is about the bearer of them. If I do not include my hair and makeup in my look I feel very insecure about it. Including you and your features in the outfit will take it to a whole new level. It will not be wearing you; you will be wearing it. This does not mean you should dye your hair to match your outfit everyday, but only make sure it works with the expression you are going for. The same with the makeup.

6. Set the mood

In addition to hair and makeup, the expression is also determined by your aura. What are you going for? Confident and forward? Elegant and subtle? Feminine and flirty? Even if your look screams it, your aura can quite that down if it does not correspond. If you can not naturally find the right mood for your wanted expression, using the right perfume or listening to the right music can boost the side of you you would like to bring forward.

Skirt from BikBok, top from GinaTricot, jewelry & jacket from H&M, glasses from Ray-Ban, bag from Glitter, hat from Ullared, shoes from Kiomi.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if so make sure to share it with your fellow fashionistas and do not forget to stay original, gorgeous! xoxo


My Fall/Winter Go-To

Some days are simply not ment for creativity. At least not when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit. I find that these days occur more often during fall and winter. Luckily, I have found the perfect formula of garments for these days:

Knitted Sweater + Leather Pants + Bold Lip

Mark my words: This combination can not go wrong. It’s the perfect mix of casual and chic which can’t end in anything but a fashionable outfit! It’s like made for dull and lazy mornings! Take a look for yourself. This outfit took me about three minutes to compose and only consists of three vital components: A knitted sweater, a pair of leather pants and a bold lip. Easy peasy!

Sweater – Primark ◊ Pants – Dr. Denim ◊ Lipstick – Cherrypop by Bella-Pierre. img_1635img_1653img_1637


Faux Fur & Leather Boots

The snow has come to Sweden and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I mean, it’s practically christmas! Okay. Not quite. But still, snow is always exciting. And you can’t fight me on that two of this seasons key pieces – the faux fur and the over-knee boot – are like made for snow. But let’s dig in to it anyway, shall we?

◊ The Faux Fur ◊

A faux fur is cozy itself and can be paired with almost anything to create a stylish look. In addition it feels like you’re being hugged by a giant, fluffy teddy bear. I mean, does it really get better? Yes, it does actually, if you pair it with a pair of over-knee boots! (Yes, I’m very proud of the transition). The combo can be worn anywhere: to the movies, to a fancy dinner, to shopping with the crew or just a coffee with the grandma. I repeat: anywhere.

◊ The Leather Boot ◊

Previously this fall the suede boot has been in the spotlight. Personally, I think it’s time for the leather boot to get some attention (not just because that’s the only kind I own, keep reading and you’ll see that I actually have good arguments). Let’s face it: suede and snow is not a good combination whilst leather can survive basically any weather. It’s also a nice contrast to the soft fur and adds a certain amount of attitude to the outfit.

Now, it doesn’t get better. So grab your wearable teddy bear, boot up and don’t forget to stay gorgeous!

Plum fur – H&M ◊  Pink fur – Primark ◊ Boots – Belle Shoes

Ps: The images were originally very blue, I’ve tried to get them as close to reality as possible but my not so skilled editing resulted in very different colours on different pictures. Please overlook this, I’m still learning 🙂 Ds.